[䷀008] detour: motion graphics

I'm just going to assume that I haven't been productive for the past few days due to the holidays. I appreciate the rest, but now I am eager to be productive...except I don't know what to work on. To be honest, I've hit a bit of a wall with Unity because I was burnt out and wanted to make 3D assets in Blender. However, I got burnt out with the "Crying in My Room" project. These days, my heart wanted to work on fleshing out ideas through drawing...I'm just all over the place and end up working on nothing at all.

However, I'm not going to give up on myself and let today go to waste. I'm going to assume that the burnout from all things 3D is because it's learning really new skills. I'm thinking that maybe what I'm looking for is to elevate an existing skill...thus, I'm going to be going through this course:

Honestly, I'm in a very exhausting state of mind. I am zigzagging here and there with my ideas, and I'm incompetent to make them happen, so I try to learn through available resources. Meanwhile, on the creative side of things, when I finally get theta brainwaves, I'm literally going insane because I am unable to remember what I imagined...I don't even think I'm describing it accurately. This is the best I can do at this time. The TL;DR is that my mind has been extremely frazzled these days, and it's affecting my ability to learn or create...but because I am insistent on fighting it, I am optimistic that this feeling will pass.

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