[䷀021] Start of "Art Training Montage"

To get used to drawing regularly, I will be taking several art classes for the next 16 weeks. I look forward to the assignments and critiques.

  • fundamentals for digital art (prerequisite)
  • fundamentals for painting
  • fundamentals for drawing for animation (prerequisite)
  • fundamentals for graphic design (prerequisite)
  • drawing for interior design (will apply to my worldbuilding projects and better inform me on environments in my drawings)
  • fundamentals of electronic music (may take it at a later time if I find 6 classes overwhelming)

People close to me think I don't need these classes and that it'll take time away from nofuss.exe. I also have those concerns, but I know I signed up for structured classes for a reason. At the end of these 16 weeks, I hope to be very comfortable with sketching out ideas, be able to regularly and frequently post content, and expand my social circle. 


[update_20230221] I will be dropping the painting class because it will only cover acrylics - I had hoped it would include watercolor.


 [update_20230222] I overcame a rare, high-difficulty rating dialogue tree, which wouldn't have been possible without a person close to me willing to ask the hard questions: is there not a more direct way to get what I wanted from these classes? Realizing that they were correct, I tearfully dropped the classes...I see it as burning a reality as fuel for a better reality. 

I am grateful for experiencing the reality where I applied to these classes and thought excitedly for great lengths of time about what I wanted to accomplish by the end of 16 weeks. This was the only way I could obtain this feeling of bittersweet wisdom, made possible by viewing the syllabi or attending art class for the first time, and then "fast forwarding" by seeing what I would have learned 4 months from now. 


  • digital art: I can discover on my own what would be taught by the classes this was a prerequisite for (character design, etc.)
  • drawing for animation: this was basically gesture drawing, and the first class gave me a good idea of what to focus on for practice (negative space in the pose, everything is made up of shapes, observe how weight is distributed to maintain balance). I have purchased 2 Proko courses 2 years ago that I will pick back up in lieu of this class.
  • graphic design: I can just continue the projects I've been doing. Also, there are online courses I can go through at a quicker pace.
  • drawing for interior design: I don't neeeed this skill to make the things I want in Blender. Also, I now have the syllabus and links to the lectures, so I can go through it at my own pace.
  • electronic music: similar to the interior design class, I now have the syllabus and links to the lectures, so I can go through it at my own pace. 

Conclusion: I know what these classes meant to me. In this reality, to honor the reality that was sacrificed, I will go straight to what I wanted to do: 

▼ create short-form video content (current projects, art series, thoughts, learning process, etc)
▼ develop more products for inventory
▼ use the time I would have been in class to work on my health goals (make the process more creative)
▼ take the Proko, Skillshare, and Class101 courses more seriously

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