[䷀023] project: planner for social media content

After evaluating what I need to do, I realized that I need to work on how I use social media to share my thoughts and creations. 

However, thinking about "social media marketing" is distasteful. Really, its more genuine purpose is to explain to a passerby the connection between my unrelated creations, in case I made something that can be of use.

Thus, about a month later on April 7, I designed pages that would help me plan content. The features I wanted were:

  • printable
  • different templates
  • half the size of a letter page
  • loose-leaf but can be bound together later on (so that I can print what I need instead of flipping to the "Instagram feed" pages of an inflexible pre-printed notebook)
  • indication of when an idea was started and when it was completed (posted)

The pages I made first because they were immediately useful are:

  • monthly calendar for planned versus actual posting schedule
  • profile grid for TikTok and Instagram posts and Reels
  • Instagram single post and carousel post
  • storyboard for short-form video content (TikTok and Reels), with square, landscape, and portrait orientations

The features or pages I thought of later that are nice to have and have not yet been designed are:

  • text posts (for platforms not focused on images)
  • page numbers to be filled in
  • page for experience points/reward for posting

The next step is to reformat the pages so that they can be useful to more people. I will look into GoodNotes and Notability products to make sure I offer something up to par.

[update_20230412] After testing out the first version, these are some changes I'll make:

  • differentiation between the types of pages (profile grids vs post itself) because when I'm shuffling through the pages to find the next thing to work on, I'm not instantly identifying the page [20230412]
  • version number in footer
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