[䷀025] Start of "Deletious"

For the past decade, I've dissociated from my physical avatar, only occasionally tending to it. There's so much I could say about it right now, but I think it's more important to focus on the present. I'd like to take remnants of my previous attempts to achieve sustainable care of this body, and make a sincere effort this time, which I will call "Deletious". Making lifestyle changes depends on available resources and motivation. My excuses had been:

  • I don't have a tracking system that is as gratifying as those isekai game notifications of the main character leveling up.
  • I'm not ready to document the journey (in case it is successful) so that it can be useful to those it might benefit. Just yesterday, I was plopped on the bed, glum because I just can't seem to find the right app or program that made promises of success I actually believed in.
  • Deep down, I'm ultimately okay with not changing, because it won't matter to me when I die. However, I have other feelings that contradict this, as I'd like to make the most out my time alive.

 Today, I document the start of "Deletious", because I feel momentum building up.


  • I ordered a simple office treadmill for me to use intermittently. I will be wearing my FitBit as much as I can, so that it can provide me data for me to enter into my "Deletious" narrative. I also downloaded a few phone apps that gamify walking, which I look forward to trying out when the treadmill arrives. As much as I like the concept of Zombies, Run!, I prefer to think of my own projects when exercising.


  • I've accepted that exercising with weights is more likely to yield results, as my original insistence on calisthenics was because I didn't want to go to the gym. However, for calisthenics to be effective, I'd have to increase reps and maintain proper form. Once I have to do a whole set of 30 to 100 reps of something, I become extremely bored and will lose motivation to continue the next day. For weights, improvement is seen by the increased amount of weight, allowing for shorter workouts. Thus, my partner, who has been consistently going to the gym the past year and knows which equipment I'll be using as a beginner, has ordered a power rack, bar, and weights for a home gym. (I'm not going to lie...the Tonal was quite alluring, but the cost was too painful to justify.)
  • I also have an idea of how I'd like to track calories I either consumed or sent to the alternative realities.
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