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I have decided to start a "devblog" to track my journey. Because I made this blog a few days after I decided on what to do, I'll list out what I've done so far:

⬥I casted my first spell ever on November 7, which was the Beginning of Winter spell. Part of it included deactivating my social media accounts so that I won't be distracted by my indulgent art ideas.

⬥ I started to seriously contemplate getting a HoloLens 2 on November 11 (confirmed by my search history) after seeing its potential. It was exactly what I needed to create an idea that I've been developing since October 1 of this year.

⬥ I told myself that I will get a HoloLens 2 next month if and only if I proved that I deserved it. Proving my worth meant performing due diligence, such as planning out a curriculum of what I needed to learn to actually make apps for the HoloLens 2. On November 14, I decided to learn Unity instead of Unreal, and to keep practicing making assets in Blender.

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