[䷀002] Unity Learn: Essentials

I'm having a bit of trouble properly tracking my learning progress. Unity Learn has been a fantastic resource, but I still like having an overview of everything that I've learned and will learn. As of now, an Excel sheet will do.

I do want to mark the date November 17, 2021 as the first day I was forced to publish my first Unity game (to complete a tutorial on Unity Learn and gain arbitrary experience points. Mind you, I'm the type of person who would never submit anything in online courses like Coursera or Skillshare...I guess the completionist/achievement hunter in me is helping me go out of my comfort zone). It was also the first day I opened Visual Studio and did some "programming" (monkey see monkey do another tutorial). Seriously, I have no idea what any of this code means...but hey, at least I was able to take one baby step forward.

I know what I'm currently blogging about isn't impressive at all, but I know that it's important to document what it was like when I first started out. To the Third Person reading this in the future: I hope that you really did become the Third Person and that you successfully downloaded the skills to make your ideas a reality and that you can look back on this fondly.

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