[䷀005] 15% Completion of "Crying in My Room"

After posting entry [䷀004], I roughly sketched out what I had in mind to model.

I did some preliminary modeling, such as following a tutorial on how to make fluffy clouds (most of the magic is in texturing, which went over my head so I didn't bother doing that part of the video) and went to bed.

I woke up and worked on modeling the bed for way too long. The next day, I worked way too long on a wooden table - I was mainly focused on watching 6 episodes of NCIS hehe.

    Today, I decided to dig into a water tutorial, and oh my lordy lord.

    What would I do if this tutorial didn't exist? I have no idea how textures or shaders or nodes work. For now, I will have to be grateful that I could follow along to reproduce the effect and go back in to adjust the nodes (as in I could KIND OF figure out which node did what). Look at it - it's splendid madness!

    But look at the beautiful results!!! It's animated too!!!

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