[䷀004] Start of Blender Project: "Crying in My Room"

I am definitely experiencing burnout from learning Unity, so I'm taking a break from it. I will be practicing my Blender skills for the next few days. I was tossing and churning in my bed last night because I remembered the video below (I watched it about 2 months ago), and was green with envy. I want to make something like this in 30 days too!

(I finally Googled how to embed a YouTube video on WordPress. All you have to do is go to Share on the YouTube video, select Embed, and then copy and paste that chunk of HTML code into your WordPress post. UPDATE_20221101 As I am transferring my WordPress blog posts to Shopify, I learned just now how to embed a YouTube video in a Shopify blog post.)

I am aiming to finish this by November 25. According to the video, the process includes:

  • Grant Abbitt's "Low Poly Animal" (which I've already done)
  • Making a Low Poly Human
  • CG Cookie's "Shield"
  • Grant Abbitt's "Low Poly Well"
  • Learn Basic Sculpting
  • Learn Dyntopo Sculpting
  • Grant Abbitt's "Sea Shank Scene"
  • Making a Fish Object
  • Grant Abbitt's "Basic Animation"
  • Applying Basic Armature to Fish Object
  • Adding Glowing Materials for Night Scene
  • Animation

The things I have been struggling with are rendering, materials, and water/making it "rain". Hopefully by then, I will also learn how to export the asset into Unity. If I succeed by this deadline, I will reward myself some experience points on a Pokémon-themed tracker I made.

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