[䷀010] Start of Motion Graphics Project: “Understanding Animation”

It's hard for me to diligently write these update posts...nevertheless, I must practice discipline because recording my journey is important...but gee, I get really annoyed with myself when I don't update accordingly, because it means I have to do a bigger update like this one summarizing what I did for the past few days.

Around two days ago, I started Lesson 4 of the Motion Graphics course, where the assignment was to animate a bouncing ball. Of course I would scoff that a bouncing ball was too easy, and I instantly became derailed with an elaborate idea. I think the underlying reason is that I wanted to flex my creative muscle by designing some cute stuff. I proceeded to spend the next 2 days using Illustrator to design ball versions of the animals in the Chinese zodiac. I finally finished today, and will begin animating them and trying out morphing.

I'm not going to lie, they are all quite cute...although the horse and snake look a bit silly.

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