[䷀011] Start of App: “▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮”

Yesterday, I got tired of working on the Chinese Zodiac animation for the motion graphics course and decided to get a move on with learning Unity and Blender once more. I got through the first unit of Unity's "Create with Code" project and was pleased with my progress.

Today, I finished writing up the project design document and started a Unity project for an app idea I've been fleshing out. I also:

  • Learned about Prefabs
  • Created a Primitive sphere to represent the player and turned it into a Prefab
  • Created an environment using planes and created a material for them
  • Learned how to create particles with the following tutorials:

 The project design document was very helpful in reminding me to first make the basic parts of the app. It's going to be incredibly ambitious, and I must work on it in bits until I finish it - and I WILL finish it. 

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