[䷀012] Unity Learn: Create with Code

I spent the past few days diligently going through Unity Learn's Create with Code mission. I had been suffering from a creative block, so it was easier for me to wait it out by learning programming. It is insightful to see the baby steps it takes to finish making a prototype, as I am still inexperienced in that regard.

(my Unity Learn progress log for the past few days)

I also experienced why just copying code to make something work without understanding it was not an effective way to learn. It's up to me to take the tedious but necessary step of deciphering it before moving on. Fortunately, this just means reading the documentation and experimenting with different values to see what they affect.

It gets even harder when I have to write scripts for my own project, where I don't have Unity Learn to guide me. I would get overwhelmed and don't know where to start. So, I figured out that one of the things I can start with is thinking about player input: "What action am I looking for the player to trigger, and how can I write a script that allows the player to press a key to trigger that action?"

Now that it's been a few days of spending most of my time and energy on learning Unity, I'm starting to feel burned out. The desire to create and make something beautiful is growing stronger, but I find it very hard to even sketch without it looking unacceptable to me. This perfectionism is something I will have to overcome, because it's really holding me back. 

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