[䷀013] rerouting: art

After following a tutorial for making Minesweeper in Unity, I realized how ambitious I was to think I could program these things entirely on my own. I think this is the universe telling my stubborn mind that now is the time to focus on creating art for my ideas. Fortunately, knowing the basics to programming in Unity is going to be useful moving forward.

For now, I'm going back to the Motion Graphics course, as well as Blender Studio (which I subscribed to for three months starting December 13). I really have to get it through my thick skull to start small - I'm always too ambitious, which leads to me being unable to draw anything at all! Thus, my new goal is to define my art style by just drawing anything and everything...I will make 2D and 3D GIFs, showreels, and stylized Blender models, while remembering to START SIMPLE.

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