[䷀018] "Space Vending Machine"

Fixing the website was demoralizing and starting to giving me a headache. I decided that the most productive thing I could do that would also make me happy was to work on "Space Vending Machine".

  • Modeling the main shape was easy enough. I applied a Bevel modifier using bevel weights.
  • For the planets, I had to relearn how to Texture Paint in Blender.
  • For the decorative lines, I had to relearn how to import an Illustrator file into Blender to convert into mesh, which was to save the file as a .svg file. I gave the decorative lines a metallic material, and it was so beautiful.
  • I texted out exporting everything as a .glTF file and was so pleased to see it work out. On my first try, the animations were all separated. To resolve this, I unselected "Group by NLA Track", which I figured out thank to this.
  • To give the animation more life, I modeled a small object that looked like a mouse cursor and animated it to look like it was clicking a button on the vending machine.

Here is the finished product! 

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