[䷀019] new tool: 3D printer (QiDi X-MAX II)

I'm excited to delve into the world of 3D printing and using it to prototype and give my Blender models a physical form!

For the first day, I tried printing the test file that came with the printer. It failed 2 times and finally printed successfully after the 3rd attempt. I had to adjust the extruder temperature to 185° C and the print speed to 50. 

The next step was to try printing files I downloaded online. I highly recommend this bird from GreenCopper on Thingiverse. 

After feeling proud of how well my printer was doing, I decided to quickly model something on Blender and export it as an .stl file to print. It was another success!

My next challenge is to figure out how to refine the print so the layer line isn't so visible. I'll also have to learn all there is to mold-making and working with epoxy resin.

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